When Should I Schedule My Baby Photoshoot?

Families often ask me when the best time is to photograph their baby during the first year. As my style is relaxed and works around what's best for your family, there's no right or wrong answer to this, but below are a few pointers towards some of my favourite ages for baby photography sessions.

London Newborn Photography Sessions

Traditionally, the best time for these are 7-14 days old, but as a newborn photographer in London I shoot all newborns in their own home in a relaxed, baby-led style which means I often do them at a few weeks or even up to three months old. However they do change very fast, so if you want to catch them at their most relaxed and sleepy, the first couple of weeks are key.

When you book we'll pencil in a date for your session between 1-2 weeks old based on your due date, but as babies don't usually arrive right on time I always allow some flexibility in my schedule and only take on a selected number of newborn shoots per month. If you're thinking about a session but baby has already arrived, don't worry! Get in touch and we'll schedule something in for as soon as possible. As you can see from the photos below, newborn photography even after the first two weeks can be lovely.

London Baby Photography Sessions at 6 Months Old

As both a mother and a London baby photographer, six months is one of my favourite ages! At this stage your baby is alert, interested in the world around them and showing real personality but not generally on the move yet which means they're often happy to cuddle up to Mum and Dad for some lovely intimate shots.

London Baby Photography Sessions at 9 Months Old

9 months is a lovely age to capture, as it gives us a chance to record all the new things that your baby is probably doing by now - pulling themselves up, sitting on things, crawling and maybe cruising. They're also very sociable at this age and love interacting with their people, especially their parents, which means there will be lots of gorgeous moments of connection to photograph.

London Baby Photography Sessions at 1 Year Old

Your child's first birthday is such a big milestone that it's no surprise people often want photos to mark it. This is the perfect time to capture the little person your baby is turning into as they start walking and talking, and as they begin to transition into the next adventure - toddlerhood!


Although I've listed some of my favourite ages here, any time during the first year can work well for a London baby photoshoot. If you're thinking of one, whatever age your baby is, free to get in touch and we can chat more about your plans!

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