What should I expect at my in-home newborn photoshoot?

So you're thinking about booking a newborn photoshoot for your new arrival, but you don't know where to start. Perhaps you love the natural, relaxed lifestyle look of in-home newborn sessions, but you're apprehensive about what it might entail. As an in-home London newborn photographer, clients often come to me with their concerns, so I've tried to address some of the commonest queries I've come across here.

What if my newborn is unsettled?

It happens! Sometimes crying is a newborn baby's only method of communication, but I always allow plenty of times for feeds, changes and cuddles until baby is nice and settled, and only take on a limited number of newborn photography sessions per month to ensure I have plenty of time for your shoot and won't be rushing off. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to calm any fussiness, and I always recommend doing newborn shoots in the morning, as they tend to be more settled then.

My house isn't tidy enough

I completely understand this concern - after all, the last thing you need to be worrying about, with a small baby to look after, is the tidiness of your house. But with a newborn we don't needs lots of space to get some lovely shots - often a big window and a bed with a plain white sheet will be enough. And although I always advocate a quick tidy beforehand if possible, I'm also very happy to move anything about that needs to be moved (with your permission) to set the scene and get the best shots.

I don't know what to wear

It's really common to feel like this, especially just after giving birth. If, as most of my clients do, you book your London newborn photography session well ahead of time I usually suggest planning outfits before the baby arrives as it's one less thing to think about when they do! I think it's really important for the mother to be totally comfortable in what she's wearing, and then to work everyone else around this in a simple palette which means everyone will compliment each other. I have more specific guidance on this in my newborn photography shoot information pack which I will send you before your session.

I hate being in photos!

I know that mothers often end up being the ones behind the camera in family photos, but I do feel passionately that it's important for us to get in front of the camera too with their our little ones - not only is it a snapshot of a fleeting moment in time (they're not newborns for long!) but it's also for your children to cherish and look back on when they're older, and perhaps even to show their own children. My aim is to make all mothers look and feel gorgeous and my sessions are very relaxed with no pressure, so hopefully you'll be so focused on your children you'll forget I'm even there!

I'm worried about my older child

It's a big upheaval for a child to get a baby sibling, and in the first few weeks there are so many changes happening it's no surprise that some of them might not behave in the most predictable ways. This isn't a problem, however. We'll work with your older child at their pace, letting them take the lead if they want to, and suggesting lots of fun games to get them engaged with you and the newborn. My London newborn photography sessions emphasise connection between the whole family, so your toddler won't feel left out and we'll get some lovely shots in the meantime.


I hope this has helped to address some of the concerns you might have about booking an in-home London newborn photography session. If there's anything else you're worried about, feel free to contact me to discuss it further.

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